… is Aleš Fon

Born 1967 in Slovenja, Aleš is a photographer and kayak teacher.

He is a man who knows how to find his bearings in dangerous situations.
He is simply allowed by nature to approach its hidden charms.

As early as in his youth, which he spent in the Soca Valley, he became closely attached to nature. His restless spirit is still leading him across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America, where he approaches his motifs with patience, devotion and extremism.

Ales had his works exhibited for the first time in 1996. The artist also presents himself with an exceptional collection of slides which he arranged throughout years in different thematic multi visions. With his program he travels all over Slovenja, as well as across its borders to Germany and Italy.

He also publishes his photos and articles in various Slovene reviews (Grif, Gea, Svet in Ljudje).

At the exhibition “Sport and Tourism” at the Ljubljana Fotostik Fair (1997) for his photography of the mysterious Soca Canyons he received the first prize in individual photography category.

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